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Organic Super Foods
Michael Van Straten
Organic food is indisputably the food revolution of our time. Organic Super Foods is a major new book on the subject. It is an authoritative source book covering all aspects of why we should buy organic as opposed to non-organic and is based on the principle that eating fresh organic fruit and vegetables can actively help good health and help fight illness and disease. It contains an Organic Pharmacy which gives a comprehensive listing of organic ingredients, the difference between organic and non-organic, and the nutritional benefits. In Cooking Organic, there is a range of simple, healthy recipes designed to make the most of generally available natural organic ingredients. And finally, Buying Organic tells us why it is worth paying more for organic and gives a full directory of producers. - Organic is the food trend of the moment and will be huge in the future. - The ultimate guide to why going organic is great for you, your family and best for the environment. - Explains why organic is better, what the risks and dangers of non-organic are and why it is worth paying extra to go organic. - Contains practical nutritional advice and guidance as to which organic ingredients can actively contribute towards good health and fight illness. - Includes easy-to-follow and delicious recipes, plus a full directory of organic suppliers.
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