Organic food from the organic supermarket

Why do we want articles ?

  • We want the Organic Supermarket to be an unrivalled 'valuable resource' which everyone will go to for organic food.
What sort of articles do we want
  • Must be timeless - the subject must not become out of date quickly.
  • Must be short.
  • Must have photos or suggestions for photos
  • Must inform - people want to know things, such as
    • How do you make organic cheese/wine/cider/spices ?
    • How we went organic in pork/dairy
    • How does your box system work
    • Where you buy organic food
    • Setting up for farmers markets

    There's tons of stuff out there, and you could well be the expert we seek.
How do I submit an article
  • Use the contact form to write to us. We will email back with instructions.
How many articles are we looking for
  • About 400 - just take your time !
What do I get out of it
  • All articles will be credited with your name.
  • You can gently promote your firm or your interests - but not a hard sell !
  • Fame ! Fun ! Fortune !
Write to us now !
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